Mobiversal Group is a Telecommunication Technology Specialist from Design to Delivery of  Mobile Core networks.

Who We Are?

We are an agile and human scale firm which keeps us close to our customers. We are committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do, bringing our best to clients and earning the client’s trust through our actions and behaviours both professionally and personally.

What We do?

We have been using our wireless core network skills and experience to help Telecom Operators and Vendors to design and build Mobile Core networks in Africa (Cameroun, Central Africa, Côte-d’Ivoire, Congo, Gabon, Guinea Conakry, Mali, South Africa, Tchad), Asia (India, Maldives) and Middle East (UAE – Dubai), Europe (France, Belgium, Ireland, Slovakia), The Pacific (New Caledonia) and the Caribbean (Martinique)

We deliver network with a commitment to quality, we inspire confidence and have the capacity to mobilize the senior Independent Experts to Act as a group of technical experienced talents together.

Mobiversal is composed by flexible resources hands on to Launch Network, promises and delivers quickly and fairly for your interest.

What Are Our Values?

All our actions are guided by 5 core values embodied by every member of our team

  • Agility – Thanks to the flexibility and to the adaptability of our organization, our experts and our consultants propose personalized solutions to meet the requirements of our customers all over the world
  • Excellence “Good enough” is not good enough for us. We guarantee to meet our clients’ highest standards through our recruitment methods, expertise & methodology.
  • Flexibility – we build the right team for the project, every time
  • Independent – we’re not tied to specific vendors, systems or operators. Our firm has no partnership with any market player. In order to avoid any conflict, we’ve decided to work exclusively on our end-user clients’ interests. The solutions we suggest are the product of independent work & are based on the sole interest of the clients who can trust us.
  • Commitment – Our consultants are customer oriented. Our clients’ projects become our consultants’ projects & they are actively involved to make them succeed. Our managers are directly connected to the grunt work even if they monitor all our ongoing projects. This presence provides our clients unmatched responsiveness.

What We Stand For?

At Mobiversal, we challenge ourselves to bring the best technical expertise to our clients, every single day. We focus on delivering the Best network of tomorrow. It’s not just what we do at Mobiversal that matters: we also pay attention to how we do it. At the same time, the diversity of our Engineers brings innovative solutions to complex issues.

This is what it means to work with and for Mobiversal Group.