5G/4G/3G/2G Network Roll Out Services

Network Roll Out Services 5G/4G/3G

Our Network Roll Out Services offers a complete suite of services for Vendors and Mobile Network Operators  Our Multi Vendor service are built around our capabilities in Installation, Cutover, Intergation & Comisiionning, Tower Civil works. Our services cover end-to-end deployments from Site Acquisition through to Customer Acceptance.

Installation Services 

We achieve quality through adequate training of resources and applying rigorous processes. Cost effectiveness through smart planning and waste elimination.

  • BTS installation
  • Microwave Installation
  • Routers and switches
  • RNC/BSC installation
  • Servers Installation
  • Power systems and Genset Installation


Cutover Services

We achieve speed in execution of your swap project through smart engineering of the cutover sequence. The workforce is dimensioned to  deliver the project at the required deadlines. We use multiple techniques to diminish outage, in the case of RAN swap we use a cutover truck equipped with a fully functional base station to ensure no service disruption to your clients.

  • BTS/NodeB/EnodeB swap
  • Transmission Swap
  • TDM/Ethernet to IP MPLS swap
  • Core Swap


Integration and Commissioning Services 

We provide the best in class expert for network integration, including RAN, Packet Network, IP MPLS, Optical Network, OSS and NMS/EMS systems. Some complexes technical tasks are conducted offshore, this allows the costs to be reduced. Repetitive tasks are automated and procedures are well established to reduce time and cost.

  • RAN integration
  • Packet / Optical network integration
  • OSS and Network Management system integration


Tower Civil works

We provide expert resources to supervise your technicians and ensure the installations are done according to the prevalent national and international standards. Best practices in data cabling, power, grounding, lighting protection, compliance with fire protection regulation, safety regulations and environmental regulations.

  • Installation Supervision
  • Quality Audits
  • Snag Correction
  • Installation Cleanup

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