Optical Fiber Network Roll Out services

Mobiversal has a major role to play in the National Backbone deployment in Africa, we proposed optical Fiber Roll Out services in French Speaking Africa. Mobiversal has all the necessary equipments in Guinea Conakry and experience to provide successful installations.

Site Survey

A detailed site survey is executed to build an accurate estimation of the resources, time and cost of the project, to mitigate any possible risk.


Trenching is executed under the supervision of an experienced supervisor. Trenching for fiber ducts is excavated in a straight line between manholes in accordance with the engineering plan. The required machinery and manpower is mobilized according to the fixed project plan.

Bridge and Road Crossing

When crossing bridges, HDPE pipes will be installed securely and a solution adapted to the type of bridge will be adopted. For road crossing, Horizontal drilling will be used. In general, a solution will be engineered to cross any type of obstacle.

Manholes and Handholes

Manholes and Handholes are installed or built onsite depending on the technical requirements of the project.

Bedding, padding and backfilling

Bedding is performed before the duscts are installed, padding and backfilling are carefully executed and a warning tap installed as per the industry standards.

Reinstatement of surfaces

The surfaces are reinstated to the original situation in the cleanest way possible.


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